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Westan & Videri Partner to bring the Videri Platform to Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific 

Videri has reached another milestone through their new partnership with Westan, specialists in the AV Industry selling to Australia, NZ and Asia-Pac. What made Westan stand out to Videri as our distribution partner of choice in this market is their unique approach and their focus on market development. With their goal of actively promoting and selling partner brands like Videri, they look to build long-term partnerships and eagerly build and foster customer relationships. This alignment of values is going to make for a dominant force in digital signage in this market! 

“With significant growth in 2023, becoming the second largest distributor of digital signage solutions in our market” Richie Cheng, The Head of Commercial Product at Westan says, “we aim to be even more aggressive in 2024. With the inclusion of Videri we feel we can offer something unique to the market and help more customers than ever get into digital in a new way. Something our competitors can’t offer them.”  

Westan’s established and successful base of partners was another important driver behind the partnership. Our partners are all experts in their fields, and we see them offering complete solutions across different verticalsstates Richie.  Head of Channel at Videri, Jackie Cooper comments that “with their strong foundation of AV Integration and digital signage partners, Westan has the depth and breadth of reach that Videri has been looking for. “  

What makes Videri unique and appealing to Westan?  

Videri is famous for nimble hardware that allows brands to put displays where traditional digital doesn’t fit. A pioneer in SOC displays with software and hardware in their DNA, Videri’s Android-based displays and API-first approach are the building blocks for Videri’s scalable, flexible, robust and secure content/device management solution, that enables businesses to tailor their content as often as they want. Videri empowers businesses to reach their customers at that critical moment of purchase decision with cross-sell, up-sell and brand messaging with a proven return on investment. 

Market Trends 

The Australian Retailers Association’s predictions for 2024 discusses the trend toward Maxi Flagships + Micro-stores. Their prediction that “At the other end of retailing, the future will also be defined by 10 micro-stores of 40sqm rather than one traditional store of 400sqm”1 presents even more reasons for retailers across all verticals to add digital displays as part of their marketing mix. In addition to needing a high-foot-traffic location for flagship stores, retailers will need to deliver a “sense of theatre, interactivity, and customer engagement to turn the supply of goods into a spectacle, and through entertaining customers and a show of strength, make shopping into a positive and unique experience.”2  Videri offers a secure platform that enables both global and local control, enabling retailers to deliver hyper-targeted marketing campaigns at the regional level.   

The need for an omni-channel marketing approach is one of the ARA’s top recommendations for 2024, as competition in the retail industry will increasingly be based on holistic customer experiences – emotional, affective, cognitive, social and physical. This can only be achieved through the integration of all channels, like stores, online, and mobile, into a “single, frictionless customer experience. According to their data an omnichannel customer spends 1.7 times more than a single-channel customer.”3  

Videri Canvases can be found in many high-end retail boutiques and flagship stores across NA and Europe and provides the flexibility and visual impact retailers and other businesses need to draw in, upsell, and cross-sell to customers. Using immersive features like orchestration and interactive content (through third-party apps easily integrated because of Videri’s API first approach).  

This is just one of the many verticals that the Videri Platform can be used in to engage, inform, direct and even sell to customers. The Videri and Westan partnership will appeal to resellers and customers in the retail, corporate and hospitality/restaurant space where the joint value proposition will deliver the most value and drive the most success for our joint customers. 


Green corporate practices are becoming increasingly common and digital signage is no exception. As other manufacturers scramble to come up with solutions, Videri has been ahead of the pack. Videri Canvas is the world’s thinnest, lightest and smartest digital display that includes a built-in mount and just one thin power cable, reducing the need for additional components or product sourcing. They are also easy to deploy and manage—reducing the need for site visits, resulting in less fuel utilization and reduced carbon emissions.  

Most digital signs today use LCD screens, including Videri, which use significantly  less energy than traditional displays and TVs. There is also progress in the materials used in modern digital displays to ensure that at the end of their life span they can be recycled instead of going to landfills. 

60% of Aussies either always, or often consider sustainability in their purchasing decision, and 47% prefer to buy from brands that are sustainable.

Videri sets an even higher bar than most display manufacturers. Our Digital Canvases are purpose built to be energy efficient with no extraneous hardware needed, no extra power cabling – just a single power cable and a Bluetooth and wi-fi connection. Less equipment needed. Lower power use. No heat emission.


Additionally, you can set your schedule to turn off the backlight during hour when your business is closed, to further save energy and money. 

Based on our research Videri uses up to 50% less energy than traditional digital displays. And because LCD screens typically last for 70-100,000 hours – that’s a decade – you get a lot out of your investment.  

Videri Canvases are efficiently packed in predominantly recycled materials, and use only required components for sleek, energy efficient and beautiful displays. If you are looking for a sustainable digital display solution, look no further than Videri.  

To find out more about the Videri Platform, contact your AV Integrator or Digital Signage partner and ask them if they are working with Westan. Or contact Westan to become a reseller of Videri Canvases today! 




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