Fast momentum in Videri Strategic Alliances program

The industry is buzzing about Videri Strategic Alliances, and with good reason. Jay Leedy, Videri’s SVP of Strategic Alliances, and his track record in digital signage and software is causing a stir. His ability to navigate expertly across the complex and inter-connected display industry has people talking. So, the buzz is no surprise. 

3 months into Videri’s strategic alliances approach, and on the verge of major strategic partner announcements, we will showcase our partnership with SignMetrix right here, in our booth at Infocomm (#W2265).  

We asked Jay to tell us a bit more about Videri’s strategy with industry alliance partners.  

“We work with some of the biggest brands in the world, and they love our product. But sometimes customers have requirements that Videri’s current solutions can’t meet. For example, our Canvas lineup doesn’t encompass an outdoor rated offering, large format LCD screens, projectors or dvLED applications. Sometimes customers have deeply entrenched operations with specific software or specialized needs that are not core to Videri’s solution. We are not trying to be everything to everybody. Instead, we are focused on being easy to work with by offering a flexible platform that fits in, where most solutions do not” says Leedy.  

For Videri, that means integrating with other software and hardware partners, to complement our core offering and accommodate requirements driven by customer experience, whatever that experience need is for their business.  We serve an industry rich in partners who solve unique customer challenges very well. By removing barriers and augmenting our portfolio through strategic, complimentary partners we will be candidates for many more existing and new deployments.  

Leedy’s goal is to partner with industry leaders, enable access to Videri’s solution and extend our reach into new market segments, so that customers are best served, whether they need turn-key – or a broader set of solutions. This could entail supporting software solutions that customers are already using, such as content and device management software, or hardware and fixture preferences, and even different security requirements.  

Videri offers a full end-to-end solution with our own management platform, but some customers may have established solutions we need to accommodate. We want to be able to help them modernize their digital display fleet, without needing to rip and replace existing software or hardware on day 1. Through Strategic Alliances and trusted partners, we can do that.  

Videri’s Platform is Android based, which is compatible with a broad range of market offerings. We have completed validation with a number of 3rd party solutions and are continuing to identify alliance partners that are meeting market trends across a range of requirements.   

Key areas of focus 

As Videri’s leadership has recently grown, clear opportunities have come into focus:  Retail Media Networks (RMNs) and Guest Experience Platforms. 

Retail Media Networks  

Videri has been making a lot of noise in RMN lately with the addition of Jeff Griffin to the team, but not just because of that. Videri is a perfect fit for retail since our displays can go in places that other digital signage cannot – because of size and form factor.  

With our patented mounting system, we seamlessly integrate with prefabricated merchandising units and end-caps, without extra structural support needed. In fact, brands globally have been using Videri for years, quietly building their own retail media networks in physical spaces. We have alliances with several merchandising display manufacturers so that we can be presented during the design phase as part of the overall retail solution, not as an afterthought.  

To support the Videri push into RMN, we also need partners specialized in Audience Measurement to drive CPM (cost per thousand impressions), along with other metrics important to this rapidly evolving space. Audience measurement is a critical focus for companies looking to validate their CPM and effectively price the value and performance of their advertising and products. Most retailers charge brands for their in-store advertising. Combining Videri Canvases with audience engagement platforms enables them to prove the value of return to their advertisers through datasets, such as those delivered by platforms like SignMetrix.  

This is the lynch pin that many retailers have been looking for, and why our partnership with SignMetrix is just the beginning for Videri. 

Guest Experience Platforms 

In today’s world, guests expect personalized and technology-driven experiences. Digital displays can help meet these expectations, but only with the right content and software to run them. This is an area of focus for QSRs, hotels, convention centres – you name it. Using displays with the right message transforms the way that hospitality providers interact with guests, from menus to services and promotions, to wayfinding, to beautification. From check-in to check-out, digital signs enhance the guest journey. 

Videri SparkBridge+ 

While many are familiar with our Spark Canvases and platform, there’s not as much awareness of our Videri SparkBridge+, another key focus in our Alliance Strategy. SparkBridge+ is our external media player that easily connects to any non-Videri display through HDMI. It enables customers and partners like Perfect Pitch to use the Videri content and device management platform, with existing digital displays from other manufacturers. SparkBridge+ helps us to partner with companies for deployments of multiple sizes and brands of digital displays, with one management system through Videri and the SparkBridge+. 

Of course, Videri’s solutions lend themselves to applications in other markets as well. As opportunities emerge in workspace management solutions, wayfinding and navigational platforms, and through a range of public space considerations including place-based media, Videri’s product team will continue to evaluate how best to support required integrations.

The lightning speed with which Videri is executing on its Strategic Alliances is unparalleled in the industry. Digital signage has been around for decades and it’s ripe for new approaches, new partnerships and new extensions that keep it on pace with the pace of innovation in retail, hospitality and workspace management. Follow Videri on social media to stay updated with new alliances that are changing the way brands think of digital signage; and visit their Booth W2265 at Infocomm this week to learn more. Or book a meeting with Jay directly here 

About SignMetrix

SignMetrix specializes in Audience Engagement and Measurement software that helps to analyse ad reach for digital displays and saw a natural fit with Videri.  

“Their customer-friendly, flexible platform lets you run software on digital displays – they call them Canvases – in physical places previously unavailable to digital advertising or messaging. And they have a purpose-built content and device management system, software, and strategy to be able to integrate seamlessly with our products. It seemed like a great fit for both companies” says Erhan Ark, SignMetrix Founder.   

SignMetrix’ software helps to measure customer engagement, footfall, conversion rates and return on investment. Data is aggregated from a range of wireless sensors and devices, with a cloud-based, comprehensive reporting dashboard.  

Learn more about them here

Could there be a better fit for a Digital Canvas that can go almost anywhere?  

Videri Voices

Videri Voices

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Fast momentum in Videri Strategic Alliances program

The industry is buzzing about Videri Strategic Alliances, and with good reason. Jay Leedy, Videri’s SVP of Strategic Alliances, and his track record in digital signage and software is causing a stir. His ability to navigate expertly across the complex and inter-connected display industry has people talking. So, the buzz is no surprise.

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