Meet Canvas.

Beautiful, high-impact, simple, and scalable. 

Be seen. In new ways.

Endless possibilities to let your content stand out.

Our unique design enables Canvases to be used alone or combined to create experiences that bring your digital content, corporate apps or services to life in places where traditional digital doesn’t fit.

Stand-out design.
Engineered to fit in.

Canvases blend seamlessly into any environment allowing branded content to take center stage.

Box to wall. 15 minutes.

Smart Digital Canvases are fast and easy to set up giving brands more flexibility on where and how to deploy and reducing the reliance on expensive third parties.

Easy on the eyes.
Great on the planet.

The smartest and most energy efficient display that lowers your cost to operate and saves energy.

One size does not fit all.

Choose from different shapes and sizes to suit your unique environment.

Go live fast.
Keep content fresh.

Update and schedule content on a single Canvas, a wall of Canvases or across all your brand touchpoints from anywhere in the world at any time.