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API Docs.

With our Developer Program’s API Docs, you’ll be equipped with the tools to connect, customize, and build truly unique digital experiences. Simply connect to our extensive Swagger Documentation Library that lists all our open microservice and component APIs.

App guidelines.

Our library allows you to test out API connections by easily trying out our code or modifying it for your test cases on our portal. Take your Canvases to the next level and make your customer communications tailored and engaging.

Sample apps.

Gain exclusive access to our sample apps, meticulously crafted to inspire and guide you. Whether you’re a seasoned coder or a coding newbie, these Sample Apps will serve as your trusted companions, providing invaluable insights into our technology.

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Increase sales by engaging with customers on an informational level. Integrate with systems like PourMyBeer to display contextually relevant information for a truly interactive and captivating experience.

Bring your own CMS

We know that clients are serious about content. If you invested in building a great digital signage CMS, we believe you should be able to use it. With our revolutionary open platform, you can pair your CMS with our Canvases so that device management truly fits your needs.


Push real-time video content to your Canvas with an APK that can connect to live-streaming video. The built-in AppHost APK can render beautiful textures, videos and images with seamless transitions between Canvases, allowing you to deliver a fresh customer experience with a fast and lasting marketing impact.

Lift & Learn

Need to display dynamic content based on specific events? A built-in APK allows you to pass event variables to your Canvas schedule. This APK would allow you to pass a “lift” signal from external sensors to show product information on the Canvas to influence customers’ purchasing decisions. The number of APKs is open, allowing you to add many more possibilities to fit the needs of your business and customers.

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