Videri end-to-end platform.

Introducing Videri Digital Canvas.

The world’s thinnest, lightest and smartest Digital Canvas.


Create jaw-dropping experiences that stop traffic and engage audiences. Videri Canvases blend in to let your message stand out.

Put digital where you never thought possible, delivering limitless possibilities.


And install digital effortlessly.

Rapidly expand your growing footprint of digital displays, or get your business into digital for the first time without the complexity of external components. Deploy content in a snap.


And publish content at scale.

Publish across 1 display or 100,000 with enterprise-grade scalability. Centralize all your digital assets and publish without any custom content creation.


With centralized control and global visibility.

Monitor your digital from anywhere. Get the confidence that you have the right content in the right place, at exactly the right time.

Advanced Management.

Monitoring & Reporting.


Engage audiences in new ways with Videri’s unique Wireless Orchestration. Turn heads and stop traffic with jaw-dropping digital Walls. Let your message stand out in the digital clutter.

A platform purpose-built for your business, big or small.

For Large Enterprises.

Manage at scale. Control & schedule globally.

Trusted by some of the worlds largest global brands to deploy, manage and monitor their global digital display deployments.

Manage at scale. Control & schedule globally.

For Small Businesses.

Stop printing. Start promoting with digital.

Upgrade from static print to dynamic digital. Easy to manage and install. Get into digital for the first time, or optimize your digital displays to better engage audience and drive stronger ROI. 

Manage at scale. Control & schedule globally.

Bring your own display with Videri SparkBridge.

Secure your content.

Don’t let your digital signage be a risk to your business. With multiple layers of security features, Videri’s end-to-end Platform is built with security at the forefront, securing both hardware and software together.

Let your message Be Seen.


Engage audiences and stop traffic with jaw-dropping content that let’s your message stand out.


Execute on high-impact digital that transforms POS signage and upsells or cross-sells to deliver ROI in days, not years.


No need for complex components or custom digital content. Finally take the complexity out of digital.


Deploy to 1 location or 100,000 at scale with flexible display layouts that let you adapt to changing formats and locations.

“Videri now gives us the ability to dynamically communicate as a brand, earning attention and engagement from anywhere on the planet, in real-time.

These experiences will inevitably change our digital visual strategies through retail channels that were economically not possible before.”

Anheuser Busch, Sr. Director, Marketing Culture and Learning

Trusted by some of the worlds largest global brands to manage their global digital display deployments.