In a world of rectangles dare to be square! 

Heads are turning toward Videri, and not just because of their digital experiences platform that puts your content in new places and unique spaces! Recently several high-profile industry veterans have attracted attention by joining Videri’s expanding leadership team and growing global footprint. What attracted these industry names to Videri?  

We asked them, and it’s clear from their responses that they were indeed looking for a square in a world of rectangles. Something unique. For different reasons they each saw something fresh, new and exciting in the Videri Platform. Let’s find out what.  

Rob Avery, SVP Product Management 

I first became aware of Videri when doing some competitive research for Stratacache and I was intrigued – not only by their beautiful hardware, but in their ability to sync media across digital displays with ease. This is something that I had struggled with in the past and had to use specific hardware to address it. To see how easy it was for their solution to do that was impressive. Not only had they figured it out (a feature they call Wireless Orchestration), but they had been doing it for years with some huge global brands.  

Through my research I came across a number of super creative examples of how innovative they could be with their digital displays – structures, tunnels, overlapping – any shape imaginable. Not your typical A/V focused displays, but truly a “Canvas”. That creative focus and application was very exciting to me.  

When Videri and I first connected, I was immediately interested in discussing the opportunity further. After speaking with their leadership, the other thing that resonated with me was their focus on flexibility and simplicity.  

I saw the opportunity to challenge myself and their strategy matched my vision for building solutions and software. I’m eager to help drive a UX and customer-centric experience for our users. I look forward to working with Videri’s growing partner network, both from a sales and ecosystem perspective. Also key to my decision to join, was Videri’s focus on providing ease of integration, openness, and prioritizing their roadmap to foster flexibility and collaboration with partners and brands.  

Jeff Griffin, Global Head of Growth, Retail Strategy & Revenue 

For me, I wasn’t super convinced that the current retail media frothiness could even include Digital Signage, until I met Videri. 

I’ve been in the retail media industry literally since its birth (the “Walmart TV Network” – born 1998, Target’s “Channel Red’ born 2003, etc.). I migrated to the online/ecomm world – including online retail media – following the crash of ’08, so people have heard me say for decades that you have to serve the Shopper + The Retailer + the Supplier & Private Brands (in that order but served equally), to have a successful Retail Media Network (RMN).  

And frankly in the world of ‘digital signage’ (another aging industry descriptor – you think the shopper thinks of it that way?), I didn’t see the things that I thought were needed to complete my formula for success. Namely:  

  1. A display form factor that actually served the Shopper on her journey – and not just the screen manufacturer. 
  2. A flexible architecture and operational footprint that acknowledged that retailers have other things to do besides complicate their already difficult ops process with another inflexible, in-store tactic that doesn’t hone their daily workflow. 
  3. A platform that allowed supplier brands of EVERY category, a canvas (pun intended) on which to message their shoppers. Whether that was good old trade marketing to boost sales, higher order brand messaging to build loyalty and drive more trips, or simply thanking your customers for just walking through the door where they are likely to buy more than if they shopped online. Something too few retailers or DS suppliers even think about.  

Videri’s vision for what retail media could be in the broadest possible sense of the word includes all of these perspectives, and that’s truly exciting to me. 

Finally, having worked with the world’s largest retailers directly for nearly all of my career, I’m thrilled to be in the company of the amazing partner network Videri has, and is growing. These folks have probably forgotten more about how retail works than I could ever know. I can’t wait to learn from them as we grow together. 

 Tom Ross, Global Head of Channels 

I first saw Videri’s product earlier this year at ISE. As with most people, I was immediately drawn to the beautiful aesthetic and the high quality of the Canvases, and as it turns out – they were in the booth next to my previous employer.  

I did some research and was surprised to learn that this wasn’t just a business selling beautiful screens (or as we call them “Canvases”), but the software was also highly capable and could work some real magic such as arranging content over multiple screens – either portrait or landscape – without the need for any additional hardware. 

Then I learned more about the calibre of the team leading and running the business, and the focus on channel growth globally, and I guess that’s where I come in! 

My mission as part of this leadership team – which I have chosen to accept – is simple. Take this platform to market globally and build the trust of the channel. I’ve spent my career working with channel partners and I saw an amazing opportunity to jump on board and join the momentum.  

Developing SAAS businesses is what gets me out of bed of a morning, and I wouldn’t be at Videri if I didn’t have 100% confidence in the solution, in the people behind it and in the tremendous potential I see in the market for our platform.  

Jay Leedy, SVP Strategic Alliances  

I am excited to join Videri for several reasons.  Having previously worked with Stephen Jenkins, CRO, and others in previous roles at Diversified, I know first-hand their knowledge and expertise in the ProAV channel. I met “Avery” at ISE, during his first few days at Videri, and I was impressed with his vision for Videri’s software roadmap. It was clear that Videri was building a leadership team to support success at scale with a renewed focus on open, interoperable solutions. Then they added Tom to supercharge the channel and Jeff – a career retail technology guru – and I thought to myself, “Now that’s a team I want to be a part of!” 

Furthering my interest was me getting back to my retail and point-of-purchase display roots. Videri Canvases lend themselves more easily to merchandising fixture designs than any other displays I’ve seen in the market. They come in a range of sizes and can be placed in small and unusual locations that are more effective at reaching customers (i.e. endcaps), which previously was unattainable. And they allow for modularity with their low-voltage power. I believe Videri is well positioned to benefit from the renewed market interest in how to solve for Retail Media Networks.  

I was also drawn by the Videri Canvas’ purpose-built firmware and Android foundation.  This opens broad integration potential, allowing me to continue working with the partner network I’ve built over the last 9 years at Diversified and Sony. Android architecture also helps us support alternate media player options in the future, so Videri can appeal to customers with already deployed but not fully depreciated digital hardware. This will also allow us to broaden compatibility with Direct View LED partners to ensure creative visions of designers are not constrained by limited digital display options.  

After joining Videri’s team I’ve only become more excited about my decision, and if my LinkedIn traffic is any indication…. the industry has too. 


In a world of industry rectangles, be a square! 

Videri will be at Infocomm 2024, June 8th to 14th in Las Vegas, and the new team will be on hand to help you discover The Videri Effect for yourself. 

Book a meeting with the Videri team or just stop by booth #W2265 and spend some time with RobJeffTom and Jay and learn why – in a world of rectangles, it’s great to be a square. 

Videri Voices

Videri Voices

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In a world of rectangles dare to be square! 

Heads are turning toward Videri, and not just because of their digital experiences platform that puts your content in new places and unique spaces! Recently several high-profile industry veterans have attracted attention by joining Videri’s expanding leadership team and growing global footprint. What attracted these industry names to Videri?

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