All Things Infocom 2024 with Coffman Media: How Integrators are embracing content creation

Jason Ault, Coffman Media talks content creation by AV Integrators at Infocomm 2024 

June 11, 2024 

2:30-3:30pm W231 

Infocomm is quickly approaching, and Videri partners are readying themselves for the biggest Pro-AV show in North America, June 12-14. Including yours truly. You’ll find Videri at booth W2265.


Today we are highlighting Infocomm panelist and Videri Partner, Jason Ault, COO & Co-founder of Coffman Media

Jason will be on a panel at a pretty novel session (we think) for the industry, discussing the possibility that AV Integrators could/should embrace content creation.  

Hold on. Content creation?

Why would AV Integrators want to get involved with that? Jason and the team of panelists are there to discuss the possibilities and that’s why you should be in attendance if you’re going to be at Infocomm.  


Let’s face it”, said Jason, “selling hardware is a race to the bottom.

At Coffman Media we’re offering creative and content support to our customers, and they are responding well. We see potential to grow this service offering.”

We asked Jason what his goal for the session was and he talked about the need to address the aversion that integrators have about offering content management and creation services to their customers. Jason knows there are ways that we can be smarter and more dynamic in our approach to creating and managing content for our customers – as a service (without taking on a lot of creative design work).

If you’re at Infocomm you can catch Jason and the rest of the panel on Tuesday, June 11th from 2:30pm-3:30pm, for the session D=SIGN: How Integrators are Embracing Content Creation

About Jason and Coffman Media

Jason (like his dad, Tim) is an entrepreneur and enthusiast of all technologies that inspire, connect, and engage people. Over the last 17+ years Jason has been in the digital signage industry, with 14 years at the helm of Coffman Media. He has contributed to many industry publications and managed 1,000’s of successful digital signage deployments. 

Jason started Coffman Media in 2009 after seeing the potential for the digital display market at his previous company. Since then, he has thrived on creating solutions that solve his customers’ problems and helping them successfully deliver the intended message to their audience.  

Tim Ault, co-founder and Chief Development Officer, joined Jason at the helm to help bring the business to fruition and 14 years later they are still going strong. We asked Jason what it was like to work with his dad that closely. He replied “we have had some friction. Moreso in the early years when I was younger. But now we easily separate work and family. Some days we might disagree right up until 5, but after 5 it’s time for dinner and a bourbon.”  


We asked Jason one last question. What gets you most excited about working in the digital display industry today?  

“I’m excited about the ability for small and medium-sized businesses to get into digital displays for the first time. Previously this was not an option for a lot of them because of the complexity and resources needed to support traditional digital. I’m excited about using Videri’s solution to help those customers get started, and to scale. With Videri, all you need is power and wall space.” 

“Products like Videri’s open whole new possibilities for our customers that we couldn’t offer before, because of their simple approach, cloud-connectivity and SOC technology. I love their wireless orchestration feature. A lot of solutions in the market just manage content and don’t offer true remote device management the way that Videri does.” 

Find out more about Coffman media here, and if you are at Infocomm 2024, be sure to check out his panel!


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Videri Voices

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All Things Infocom 2024 with Coffman Media: How Integrators are embracing content creation

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