From Boots to Booth – Reflections on Videri’s journey to DSE2023!

Last year Videri attended Digital Signage Experience (DSE) and we walked the floor. A small team at that time, we were selling direct to some of the largest brands in the world, but 10 years of organic growth meant we did very little to get the Videri story out there. Our growth to more than 100,000 Canvases started with a burgeoning, and now major global brand, more than 10 years ago. They spotted our platform on display in the wild, saw no branding so they picked it up and looked on the back to see the Videri logo. They just had to know more. 

Because our growth was all organic, we were hardly focused on driving brand awareness. Most, if not all of our new business came from brands seeing an installation, pulling the display off the wall and turning it around to see who we were. While organic growth was great, it also meant that there were brands in markets and verticals globally that had no idea how Videri could change their digital display game. There were partners and integrators globally unaware of this new breed of digital signage that was slowly changing the game.

Some see us as pioneers. That first Videri Digital Canvas on display pioneered System on Chip and Videri’s API-first platform has been a game-changer. Videri Canvases were built that way from the ground up to give end-users a product that was (and still is) the smartest, thinnest, most self-contained digital display in the market. Our users were (and still are) looking for innovation, and for digital displays that work in places where traditional digital displays struggled to either fit or perform optimally. But they also needed to be easy to manage and to publish content to. And one more thing, they all wanted it low-powered and easy to deploy. A tall order but Videri delivered.

As we evolved along with our customers needs, our software did as well. With an Android OS and APIs at our foundation, Videri built easy-to-use, but comprehensive CMS and device management software specifically for Videri Canvases and the needs of our global customers. The Videri Platform can even manage your legacy, non-Videri displays for a full, comprehensive solution.

Fast forward to 2023, we not only launched our next generation of Videri Canvases, the Spark series but at DSE2023 we are announcing Portal3– our next evolution of content and device management software. Portal3 unlocks a whole new level of scalability and reliability in display management, with innovative new features, security enhancements, and a series of new features that places our end users at the heart of our platform.

We also evolved our commercial model, launching our Channel Partner Program, which is growing steadily week over week, with more than 50 partners currently selling the Videri Platform around the world. It’s an exciting time to be at Videri and watch our platform adoption growing each week as customers search for something new in digital signage.

So this year, at DSE 2023 we have lots to show!

Hanging displays, Videri’s unique Wireless Orchestration, Portal3, partner merchandising displays, partner menu boards and even a glimpse at the single square screen concept we are famous for because it directly influences that critical moment of purchase decision.  The Videri booth brings to life what we are known for: the solution for new places and unusual spaces!

Come and visit us at Booth #613 to find out more about the digital signage solution you have been looking for but didn’t know was right in front of you all along. Help us celebrate this milestone and learn more about how Videri can bring innovation to your digital display strategy, and if you are a partner, come and learn how Videri is changing the game for digital display businesses globally.

To book a meeting with us while at DSE please give us a shout! We look forward to seeing you at our booth.

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