Enjoy the ride! Transform your elevator experience with Digital Displays.

Let’s face it. Elevator rides can be boring. Even irritating when they stop repeatedly. Or… could you turn a simple elevator ride into an engaging prospect or customer journey? Welcome to the magic of digital displays in elevators! Let’s talk about the unique power they hold and how they can transform vertical transportation.

Interactive Engagement: Digital displays transform mundane moments into interactive experiences. Whether you’re displaying local news, weather updates, or fascinating trivia, these screens are often used to keep riders engaged and informed.

Dynamic Information: Elevator digital displays engage your customers, visitors or employees with real-time updates on everything from social media feeds to the latest cafeteria or restaurant specials, spa offerings, or venue events and locations. Keep your audience entertained and cross-promote goods and services at the same time!

Creative Visuals: Say goodbye to boring elevator walls! Digital displays splash vibrant colors, stunning visuals, and creative ads, making your ride visually delightful.

Informative & Educational: Elevators can be learning hubs! Showcase educational content, fun facts, product and service info and more, turning a short ride into a knowledge-packed adventure.

Perfect Pitch, Leaders in immersive, interactive large-format digital walls, displays and signage.

But it can be complicated. Here is a checklist you can use when evaluating if elevator digital displays are right for your business. 

Integrating digital into elevators comes with its challenges and choosing the right display and content management system is critical to success. The biggest challenges include: 

  1. Space Constraints & Compliance/Safety Requirements: Elevators have limited space and are subject to safety regulations and standards. Adding a digital display may reduce the available space for passengers, or if the display emits heat at all – it can create an unpleasant ride. Displays that are ADA compliant and ESG friendly are ideal and for elevator digital, so make sure you choose a solution that delivers these.  
  2. Durability: Elevators are often used up to 24 hours a day and are subject to constant movement, vibrations, and changes in temperature and humidity. Choose a digital display that is durable and resistant to these environmental factors to ensure reliable operation 24×7. Extraneous components should be minimal and flush mounting to the wall is critical.
  3. Installation Costs: Retrofitting elevators with digital displays can be expensive. Traditional digital display systems often require significant modifications to the elevator structure and electrical systems, which can drive up installation costs. Look for displays with minimal power and structural support requirements both for space and cost reasons.
  4. Content Management: Keeping the content fresh and engaging on any digital signage is an important element of success. That content should be easy to manage, update and target to your audience. Choosing the right display is only half of the battle. For elevator displays you need a simple, intuitive and easy to use content/device management software that can be easily managed by non-technical employees, and quickly updated.
  5. Security: With no staff to keep watch, elevator digital displays can be vulnerable. Elevator displays should be secure and physically tamper proof to prevent malicious activities. Ideally external components such a media players should be avoided, and displays should not include HDMI or USB ports – to ensure optimal security and maintain content control over your elevator displays.
  6. User Experience: The content displayed on the screens should enhance the user experience, not detract from it. Finding the right balance between informative content and a pleasant passenger experience can be tricky. Make sure your content management system enables you to make changes on the fly, so that you can always target your message to your audience.
  7. Power Consumption: Digital displays consume energy. Buildings are being increasingly designed with energy efficiency in mind, which means adding energy-consuming digital displays is not going to fly. Plus, most elevators don’t have extra power resources. Choose a display that is energy efficient with minimal power needs.
  8. Connectivity: All digital displays require content, most of which is downloaded through wi-fi. Connecting wi-fi inside elevators can be troublesome. Look for a display that caches content locally, so that when wi-fi is spotty, your displays will not be impacted. 

Next time you step into an elevator, take a moment to appreciate how transformative the experience could be if it included digital displays. It’s more than just a screen – it’s a gateway to endless possibilities!  But only if you choose the right solution.

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Enjoy the ride! Transform your elevator experience with Digital Displays.

Let’s face it. Elevator rides can be boring. Or… could you turn a simple elevator ride into an engaging prospect or customer journey? Welcome to the magic of digital displays in elevators!

Create an Epic Digital Experience at your next Concert!

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