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Solotech & Videri Embark on a Partnership

If you have been following Videri at all, you know that we are focused on building out a global partner network to make our innovative Videri Platform available to more customers. We have partnered with Solotech – a world leader in audiovisual and entertainment technology, and recently had the pleasure of attending their inaugural Partner event, “Elevation by Solotech” in Orlando.

Solotech manages all the audiovisual and entertainment technology for many of the biggest stadiums and headliners in the world, from Vegas headliners to traveling bands and festivals. Many of the partners at their inaugural event had audio solutions, pyro techniques, large event equipment and more.  

You might wonder what role Videri Canvases, with our unique offering and 5 display sizes at no larger than 50” in diameter, plays in a large venue/concert environment. 

  1. VIP Rooms are a perfect place for directly communicating with your high-value and corporate customers directly. Whether you want to promote your next concert, or your latest menu items, Videri Canvases are sleek and elegant, and make a perfect addition to any VIP room without adding bulky infrastructure or additional heat. ADA compliant and ESG friendly, Videri Canvases blend in to let your content stand out.
  2. Wayfinding at large venues poses challenges for many concert goers. Using digital displays in large event venues with thick cement walls and infrastructure, is easier with Videri Canvases due to minimal wi-fi requirements, and our easy-to-use content management system to update your room locations, provide information on concert amenities, etc.
  3. Backstage Experience: Set the stage for your presenters and artists by creating a visually immersive and engaging experience whether it’s backstage, on the way to the stage, or in the green room. Rally the staff and performers with engaging content and set the tone for the night beautifully and efficiently.
  4. Food & Beverage sales are a significant revenue driver at large events. Is there a new product you want to promote? Do your vendors want to advertise their new menu items? With “proof of play” and easy remote scheduling, Videri Canvases are perfect for any of your vendors to drive upsell during the event.
  5. Replace Posters: Anywhere you use paper posters, is open to Videri Digital Canvases. Energy efficient with 4X the messaging possibilities, Videri Canvases win every time for impact, environmental efficiency and ROI.

Our partnership with Solotech reminds us that immersive and impactful digital displays have a role to play both in large format on stage, and in smaller format throughout the customer experience. Create an epic branded experience for your customers and performers, with the Videri Platform.

For more information about Solotech, you will find them here

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